A Nice Ride in the Mountains

The 60-mile route showcases a variety of different landscapes including taking you over the crest of the Sierra. The ride is flatter along the Truckee River and shore of Donner Lake before it climbs.  The route includes  a 3 mile climb up Donner Summit averaging 6-7% grade, and a descent to Big Bend with an 8 mile gradual climb back up averaging 3-5% grade. This route involves over 3,000 vertical feet of climbing. Please be aware that we are working to secure our 2016 permits; specific locations of the rest stops may change. We will update this description and the route sheets as soon as our permits are completed.

We offer rest stops at the Donner Memorial State Park and the top of the summit on Old Highway 40 with snacks and bike techs to help keep you going. The lunch stop and turn around point for this route is at the Victory Group Camp at Big Bend. Look for the signs to direct you to right turn just after the new fire station at Big Bend. You will cross the Yuba River to get to the lunch spot.

Tip!  Recommended start time for the 60-mile route is 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. If you are a fast rider and want to ride the Old Highway 40 grade without auto traffic, be sure to time your start so you do not arrive at the lower end before 10:00 a.m.

Tip!  When you approach Donner Lake, watch for the signs to turn left in to Donner Memorial State Park. The Donner Lake rest stop is in the group picnic area at the east of the lake. (Please don’t eat your lunch here, however, as we have taken your lunch to Big Bend.) After the rest stop, riders will travel South Shore Drive before the climb up Old Highway 40 to get to the summit. On the return trip, stay on Donner Pass Road at the base of the summit and ride the route as signed to the finish line in Squaw Valley.

Tip!  Recommended gearing for the 60 and 100 mile route would be Compact 50/34 with a 11-28 in back, or a triple.

Get the complete route description here: 60-Mile Route 2015

To receive a Google Earth or Garmin compatible digital file, please email Ride Director.