Puttin On The Dog


Who Are We?

Jade D. VonHawley, CFS, CCS

Hi, I’m Jade and I have owned this grooming practice for 32 years.  During that time I have shown working breed (15 years), performed extensive training and honed a proficiency in handling thanks to Dr. Ian Dunbar who was a great people trainer and whose techniques I still use. I hold a certification from PIJAC and have lectured and given private classes for many years. structured around the type of pets we are handling that day and the type of grooming he/she necessitates.

Our salon philosophy is simple, each pet is an individual and has different needs so we try to tailor your pet’s grooming to fit the pet and the owner.  Each day is structured around the type of pets we are handling that day and the type of grooming he/she necessitates.  We have not and never will overbook to accommodate for missed or non-canceled appointments.

Michele Greaves, NCMG

Hi, I’m Michele and I have been involved in the grooming industry for 34 years.  My passion is Poodles and I come from a show Poodle background.  I have competed and won several grooming competitions. I hold a certification from the National Dog Groomers Asso.ts are different

Geriatric Pets

Q Do we service older pets and pets with special needs?

A Yes.  We request that the owner schedules a consultation so we can evaluate your pet.  An evaluation is necessary so we can determine what needs to be done and the amount of time we will need.

Pricing our Services Over the Phone:

We do have base prices but they cannot be accurate.  All pets are different.  At home maintenance, in salon grooming schedules, behavior, type of style, the density of coat, all play a part in determining the price. A final price will be determined when the pet is seen.

Cancellation Policy

Q What is our cancellation policy?

A   We request a 48-hour window for cancellations. Failure to cancel in a timely manner or not showing for an appointment will result in a $65 fee. All future appointments will have to be secured via credit card before an appointment is made.

Late Drop Offs

Q If I’m late can I still keep my appointment?

A Yes, provided you call us to let us know you are running late, failure to do so will result in losing the appointment and a fee will be incurred.


Q How do we determine the cost of grooming?

A Fees are based on the following criteria:

  • Size

  • Temperament

  • Condition of the coat at the time of grooming

  • Style/Hand scissor styles are more expensive.

  • Carding, stripping, dematting, therapeutic bathing, anal gland expression, teeth brushing are extra.

  • Special products such as silk conditioners, aloe shampoos etc.

  • Our Prices are NOT based on breed type but on condition of coat, frequency of grooming and behavior.

Q Where are we located?

Location:POD MAP
Puttin On The Dog
28 Bloomsbury Ave
Catonsville, Md 21228
In Business since 1981

Location: Puttin' On The Dog 28 Bloomsbury Ave Catonsville, MD 21228 In Business Since 1981 410-744-3776